What is Bee & You?

Bee & You was founded on the simple principle that the best ingredients and the most elegant presentation create an incredible environment for relaxation. Our soaking salts are packed full of the finest epsom salts, essential oils, flowers, bee pollen and other pure elements creating an explosion of scents in every single bottle.

From the moment you pour the salts into the mesh pouch you will immediately understand what Bee & You is all about. As the pouch is placed in your tub and the salt begin to dissolve in the water the aroma will fill the room signaling the reminder that this is YOUR time!

Once the salts have blended with the water and you have had a few moments to relax you will begin to notice that your skin is incredibly soft and even after you have finished the moisture created by the bee pollen collected locally from our hives in Frankfort, Illinois will last for hours.

We are Bee & You and our mission is to help you #takebackthetub! Life can be crazy, but a few moments to relax and be rejuvenated can make all the difference in the world.