Bee Detoxified Soaking Salt

Bee Detoxified Soaking Salt

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12 oz.

The mixture of salts, flowers, clays, essential oils, and bee pollen gets poured into one of the included mesh soaking pouches then dropped into your tub. After the ingredients dissolve in the warm water like a tea bag, you have an elegant bath that not only relaxes your muscles but moisturizes your skin. Once finished, simply throw away the pouch!

How to Use

Pour 1/4 of a cup of the soaking salts into one of the provided mesh pouches, tie it up, and drop it in your tub. Once you're done bathing, throw the pouch away.


Dead Sea Salt 
harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel
  - rich mineral composition
  - hydrates
  - cleanses and disinfects
  - exfoliates
  - heals chronic skin conditions
  - calms arthritis
  - soothes sore muscles
  - reduces skin roughness

Epsom Salt
magnesium sulfate
  - relieves pain & muscle cramps
  - eliminates toxins from the body

Dried Lavender Petals
  - relieves stress
  - anti-inflammatory
  - prevents infection

Dried Peppermint Leaf
  - relaxes muscles
  - antibacterial

Bentonite Clay
composed of aged volcanic ash
  - removes toxins
  - provides minerals
  - softens skin

Bee Pollen
  - anti-aging
  - antioxidant
  - hydrates

Lavender Essential Oil
oil extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant
  - anti-inflammatory
  - improves circulation
  - relieves muscle pain

Peppermint Essential Oil
steam distilled from the fresh aerial parts of the flowering plant
  - boosts energy
  - antimicrobial properties
  - reduces stomach aches
  - relieves headaches
  - releases tight muscles


12 oz. glass bottle with stamped cork top. Also includes 6 mesh soaking pouches.