Eye Cream & Facial Moisturizer Gift Set

Eye Cream & Facial Moisturizer Gift Set

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Eye Cream

Made from all-natural ingredients, our eye cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, firms skin, and eliminates dark circles under the eyes.

Using Michael’s beeswax and honey along with only the finest natural ingredients, Generation Bee has formulated a groundbreaking eye cream that for many shows results after the first application.

Our eye cream features the latest advances in natural skincare. By using the stem cells from apples to activate skin cell regeneration and algae extract to instantly hydrate the skin, dark circles and crow’s feet are things of the past.


Facial Moisturizer

This stuff is magic! Seriously everyone who tries it swears by it. Created using Michael’s own beeswax collected from his hives in Frankfort, Illinois, our facial moisturizer is incredible.

Using only all-natural ingredients, our Generation Bee facial moisturizer is perfect for everyday use.

Our facial moisturizer features jojoba seed oil that is rich in iodine to help fight harmful bacterias that lead to breakouts.

Put it on in the morning and enjoy soft, smooth skin all day without the oily residue some facial moisturizers leave.