Double Mask Up!

Double Mask Up!

Face masks aren’t just for COVID-19! They are also a skincare STAPLE in all bathroom cabinets. Face masks cure irritated, tired, patchy, acne-prone, dry and stressed skin. You name a skincare concern; we’ve got a fix for it! Take advantage of our years of research, product testing and crafting. Read all about our masks as well as ingredients you’ll want to avoid or embrace.


Up to 60% of what we swipe onto your skin gets absorbed, so it’s no surprise that if we put chemicals onto our skin, it will cause irritation, potential breakouts and redness. Here are some products to keep your eye out for…


We’re going to kick things off with Parabens. These can also be disguised as words like Methyl, Butyl and Propyl. These are ALL on the current skincare market because they are used as a preserver to keep products on your shelf longer. Lucky for you, our ingredients use all-natural preservatives, so you never have to worry about sinking chemicals into your skin.


Next, you are going to want to avoid Phthalates. These are often listed under the ingredients of fragrance. When searching for skincare products, you are going to want to be on the hunt for products that are either naturally scented or fragrance-free. The less you put on your skin, the better.


Lastly, you’ll want to avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauretha Sulfate (SLES). Although more commonly found in haircare products, these are usually found in products that are “foamy” or “bubbly”. These ingredients are known to clog pores and encourage breakouts. This ingredient can cause more harm than good, so be on the lookout for it when deciphering through skin and hair care products.


Now, for the fun part… products that are actually GOOD for your skin! We are big believers in clay wash-off masks because they are naturally derived. Our masks use a combination of different clays: White Kaolin, Bentonite, French Green and Kisameet clays. This combination helps to improve skin tone, soften, remove toxins, absorb impurities and strengthens your skin barrier. Another heavily utilized ingredient in our face masks are bee pollen. This helps with anti-aging, works as an antioxidant and hydrates your skin; it is truly a super, all-encompassing ingredient!


You may be wondering which Generation Bee masks will benefit your skin concern the most… we’re here to help narrow it down for you! We have spent years perfecting three different masks to give you the ability to personalize it into your skincare regimen.


  1. Detoxifying Facial Mask: This mask is good for those with combination skin and occasional to frequent breakouts. This mask will do exactly what it’s named after: detoxify. It will pull out any oils or toxins trapped beneath your pores and will reveal luminous, pore less skin. This mask does what your face wash can’t do on its own, keep your pores clean and tight!
  2. Anti-Aging Facial Mask: This mask is obviously for aging skin. That doesn’t mean youthful looking skin can’t use it though, it’s never too early to start! This face mask will preserve your skin by combating growth of wrinkles, adding Vitamin C, hydrate, brighten, minimize fine lines, smooth, the whole nine! You can’t go wrong with this mask no matter what age you are!
  3. Soothing Facial Mask: This mask is more for us sensitive skin types. If your skin tends to get easily irritated, this is the mask for you! This mask is formulated with the most gentle and soothing all-natural ingredients, while still removing impurities within your skin and providing hydration and brightening. This mask will wash off to reveal healthy, glowing skin!


Now that you have the rundown of what skincare ingredients to look out for, you can start the hunt for smarter skin! Check out our face masks as well as our other products to complete your all-natural skincare routine on our website!