Your guide to becoming the favorite child: Mother’s Day 2021

Your guide to becoming the favorite child: Mother’s Day 2021

Throughout our lives, our moms have always been there for us, so why not treat her to something she’ll never forget?  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts and sets that are sure to WOW Mom, and make her day just as special as she is.

We know finding the perfect product can be tricky so we’re offering a Soaking Salt Jar of choice paired with your choice of Candle and a FREE Natural Sea Sponge as our gift to you. These salts upgrade any bath to the next level and give the skin that wonderful glow.

Don’t know what Mom would like? Our soaking salts with black hawaiian, pink himalayan, and epsom salt are a  wonderful way to infuse a relaxing bath, so we’re offering all of them bundled with your candle of choice and a FREE natural sea sponge! This Soaking Salt Gift Set is the ultimate package that will make any mom smile.

Lastly, if you want to make Mom’s night routine a recipe for soft, rejuvenated skin, our Body Butter and Body Scrub set are perfect. An added FREE Natural Sea Sponge completes the gift and adds value you won’t want to miss out on.

Some products we’re also loving...

Stop and Smell and Candles

Lighting a fragrant candle after a long day relaxes and soothes, but did you know most candles containing paraffin or soy can actually contaminate your air? Our all natural beeswax candles purify the air and fill any room with amazing scents and essential oils that Mom will love.

The Key to Smooth Skin

Scrubs are a perfect way to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, but choosing one that leaves out the harsh chemicals and preservatives can be difficult. That’s why we’ve included only the most gentle and natural ingredients in our body scrub such as jojoba seed oil and chai tea extract to even out pigmentation, improve circulation, and leave skin feeling fresh!

Lock in Moisture

Weather, time, and sun take a toll on our skin, so give mom the gift of replenishment and rejuvenation with our all natural body butter. With sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, and our carefully collected beeswax, she’ll be hooked! For the best experience, layer on after our exfoliating body scrub and enjoy soft, revived skin.

Moms deserve the world, so give the gift that reminds them every day of how much we appreciate them.