Flavored Honey 12 oz

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For the love of beekeeping, we proudly present a new Generation of honey.

12 oz Jars in the following flavors hand-selected and beautifully packaged: Bourbon, Chile de Arbol, Lavender, Orange Basil, Sea Salt Vanilla Bean, and Lemon Peppermint. 

American-made and hand-crafted with only the finest all-natural ingredients, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We can hardly wait for you to savor it! Enjoy! 


Chile de Arbol: Honey, Chile de Arbol
Lavender: Honey, Lavender
Orange Basil: Honey, Basil, Orange Zest
Sea Salt Vanilla Bean: Honey, Vanilla Beans, Sea Salt
Bourbon: Honey, Rye Bourbon
Lemon Peppermint: Lemon, Peppermint


12 oz. glass jar with gold lid