Calling All XY Chromosomes…

Calling All XY Chromosomes…

Attention all men… we’re here to narrow in on the skincare and health care products you need in your everyday life. With thousands of products on the market, it can be hard to know what exactly you need to invest in. We’ve got you covered from the most basic of skincare needs to those that prefer a little luxury in their life. We are no longer letting some of you wash your face with a bar of soap and calling it a day, we’re here to help!

For those that like the Basics…

Again, this is the absolute bare minimum, perfect for those busy bees!

Step 1: Cleansing

Washing your face is always the first step in your skincare routine. Washing your face removes dirt, oil and prevents breakouts. Everyday your skin is exposed to things you may not even think about like, bacteria, dead skin cells, pollutants, dirt, etc. Like brushing your teeth twice a day, you should follow the same premise when it comes to washing your face: once in the morning and again at night right before bed. Using a bar of soap should only be used for the neck down and can strip your face of all moisture. Some of our favorite facial washes for men are the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash or for a drugstore option, we recommend the CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser

Step 2: Moisturizing

After washing your step, the final step would be to moisturize. Moisturizing keeps your skin balanced, it prevents it from becoming too oily or too dry. A good moisturizer helps reduce blemishes, fights wrinkles and prevents redness or irritation. Swipe a dime sized amount on your face immediately after washing your face. We recommend our Generation Bee Facial Moisturizer. This moisturizer includes ingredients such as jojoba seed oil which is rich in iodine and helps prevent the bacteria buildup that often lead to breakouts. It is also perfect for any skin type so you can’t go wrong with this product.

For those that like a little bit of luxury…

For those that like a little spa moment (don’t be embarrassed) we’ve got your back! You’ll want to still continue with Steps 1 and 2 listed above… but we have a few extra add-ons for you!

Step 1.5: Face Masks

In between Steps 1 and 2 you’ll want to incorporate a face mask after cleansing. There are all different types of face masks for all different skincare concerns. Need something hydrating, a detox or one to help with fine lines and wrinkles? No problem! Luckily for you Generation Bee has crafted the perfect face masks to help you with any skincare issue you may have. Check out which mask will be best for you…

Skincare Issue 1: Acne-prone, oily skin and/or clogged pores 

We recommend our Detoxifying Facial Mask

Skincare Issue 2: Dry, uneven, patchy skin 

We recommend our Soothing Facial Mask

Skincare Issue 3: Combination skin, wrinkled/aging skin 

We recommend our Anti-Aging Facial Mask. 


Step 3: Eye Cream

After cleansing, a facial mask and moisturizing you may want to dive into an eye cream. Eye creams are so underrated! Your under-eyes are some of the first parts of your face to show age, so taking care of them is so important for youthful looking skin down the road! An eye cream should  hydrate, brighten and reduce wrinkles. This is why the Generation Bee Eye Cream is one of our favorite products. It truly does it all! With all-natural ingredients such as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) it will never steer you wrong.

Step 4: Grooming Oils

We promise this will become your new holy grail product. This versatile product can be used on your beard, as an after shave, on your face or in your hair! There’s nothing this product can’t do! Packed with all-natural ingredients and essential oils, our Entice and Temp Grooming Oils are specifically made for men! This takes luxury to a whole new level. You deserve to treat yourself!

In addition to the products listed above we also have body butters, lotions, scrubs and bath soaking salts that can be incorporated within your daily routines. A full list of products with the ingredients of each are listed on our website. We also make perfect gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, sister or friend on our easy to navigate website!