Meet Us Under the Mistle-GLOW

Meet Us Under the Mistle-GLOW

It’s no surprise that the drier winter air leads to drier skin. Dry skin can lead to a multitude of issues such as itchiness, redness, cracking and patchy skin. So, what is the best face moisturizer for dry skin? What should I do about dry skin patches on face? What areas of your body tend to be the driest? What products are best for sensitive skin? How do I give my dry skin an extra boost? These are all questions we have the answers for!

What ingredients should I avoid in moisturizers?

Moisturizers can be misleading. It is important to read and research the ingredients in all of your skincare products. Some examples of common ingredients you should avoid are… 

  • unnatural fragrances
  • Silicones, Parabens
  • BHA + BHT  
  • Oleic Acid 

Some ingredients you should look for in your skincare products are… 

  • Humectants which include many ingredients commonly found in Generation Bee skincare: Aloe, Honey, Sodium hyaluronate and Glycerin. 
  • Occlusives: Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Cetyl alcohol
  • Essential Oils/Extracts: Green tea extract, Sea Kelp Extract and Calendula Flower Extract
The Best Facial Moisturizers for Dry Skin

It is important to look for moisturizers with some of the ingredients listed above while avoiding the harmful ones. We recommend our “C Infused Moisturizer” and our “Body Butter” for your November-March facial and body moisturizers. These moisturizers leave you with bouncy, elastic and plump skin that will seamlessly sink into your skin.

What should I do about dry skin patches on my face?

If your skin is EXTRA dry and patchy there are some easy fixes you can incorporate in your everyday routine. One way is taking cooler showers or washing your face in colder water. It is also important to use face wash, hand soap, body wash and lotion that don’t contain any chemicals or alcohol. It is key to moisturize your face and body with your moisturizer and lotion immediately after showering to replenish the natural oils that may have been stripped away from your shower.

What areas of your body tend to be the driest?

Skin that tends to undergo a lot of wear and tear or that are often exposed such as your hands and feet, but it varies from person to person. You should strive to moisturize the skin on your arms, legs and face as soon as you get out of the shower for best results. Using a good hand cream also helps. Generation Bee recommends the ultra-rich “Hand Cream” for non-greasy, hydrated hands.

What products are best for sensitive skin?

Finding the right skincare routine for sensitive skin can be quite the challenge. The best guideline to follow for sensitive skin is finding products that are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (which means it won’t clog your pores) and products that don’t contain any unnatural fragrances. Bonus points if you can find products with antioxidants and fatty acids. The Generation Bee “Soothing Facial Mask” is one of our top-selling products and is perfect for sensitive skin. It relieves your skin of any redness, irritation and tightness that comes with sensitive skin, not to mention gives your skin a supple and bright glow that is hard to achieve with sensitive skin.

How do I give my dry skin an extra boost?

Oils on oils on oils! Sometimes your skin can still be dry no matter how often you moisturize. Using a Facial or Body Oil can drastically improve your skin and give it that extra glow that you can’t get from just moisturizing. Generation Bee recommends our “Bloom Facial Oil” and our “Endure Hair & Body Oil”. A little bit of this product goes a long way and will leave your skin silky smooth all day long!

Don’t let this holiday season be the only thing glowy and bright! Your skin can be too! Following our recommendations will have you looking and feeling your best. Shop by skincare concern to find some other of our all-natural products for all of your skincare needs.