Best Tips for Tattoo After-Care

Best Tips for Tattoo After-Care


Caring For Your Tattoo

If you have tattoo’s… the Generation Bee’s Body Butter is going to become your new butter half! Because tattoos are technically wounds, you’ll want to ensure proper healing just like you would for a cut or burn. If you take care of it now, the ink will look good as new for years to come! With a few tips and tricks your tattoo can look and feel it’s best. 

Although everyone’s skin type is different, usually the more decadent and thicker the moisturizer is, the better. That is why body butters are perfect for your new art. You probably spent good money on your new tattoo, you wouldn’t want it to fade quicker than it should simply because you didn’t take care of it upfront.

The Generation Bee Body Butter is perfect to soothe over fresh ink. Because of the use of all-natural ingredients and no artificial fragrances, this will be the most soothing and relieving body butter you can use. The foundation of the product is shea butter which will seamlessly sink into your skin and ease any itchiness, irritation and smooth over your tattoo. Your new go-to product is also paired with almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax and other natural ingredients making this one of the best lotions for new tattoos and the overall moisture of your skin in general. This product will seal in your new ink and keep everything healed and the colors nice and bright. In addition to the overall moisturizing and color enhancing features, rubbing this over your art will significantly reduce the itchiness.

In addition to keeping your tattoos moisturized for better healing, it is also important to keep up good hygiene habits by washing your tattooed skin with antimicrobial soap and warm water. Also be sure you are patting your skin dry and avoid getting your skin wet for at least 24 hours after getting your tattoo. Scalding hot water can hurt your skin and fade the fresh ink. You may notice ink running down the drain as you are cleansing the area, but don’t worry it’s completely normal, it’s just the excess ink washing from your skin. Other ways to quicken the healing process is to avoid sun exposure as much as possible and steer away from wearing tight fitting clothing. It is also important to understand that peeling and scabbing is normal.

One of the top post-tattoo advices we can give you is to not pick at your skin. Picking the excess skin and scabs could lead to scarring or you are even at risk for pulling out the ink. With that being said, if after two weeks you are still experiencing a noticeable amount of swelling and/or redness, you should consult your tattoo artist or see a doctor. Check out other products of ours for any different types of skincare concerns you may have on our website.