Your Top 5 Gifts for Him and Her

Your Top 5 Gifts for Him and Her


With the holiday season approaching fast, the hunt for the perfect gift is on.  We understand that it can be a challenge to find something for everyone on your list, so we’ve compiled a list of the perfect gifts for everyone in your life, no matter what their needs and interests are. Whether it's long lines or busy stores, going out to shop isn't for everyone, so leave the shopping stress to us with ideas for both men and women. 

The Perfect Addition to His Routine

Sometimes men can be hard to shop for, especially when it comes to skincare. Finding something they can incorporate into their everyday routine and still provide the proper skin nourishment can be tricky.  Luckily, our Entice Grooming Oil is an all natural replacement for any after shave that soothes the face, but doesn’t contain fruity fragrances. 

What to Give Your Busy-Bee

We all have that one friend who seems to always be on the go, but what can you give someone who lives out of their purse? Our Generation Bee Lip Balms come in a wide array of delicious scents and are the perfect size to grab in a rush. A moisturizing Hand Cream is also a staple for anyone’s bag and is essential for the upcoming winter months to provide instant hydration for cracked, dry skin.

A Spa Without Leaving The House

If you have someone on your list that loves to be pampered, send them to the spa in their own home with just a few products. Soaking Salt Vials elevate any bath to help relax muscles and add an amazing scent. Pair them with an all natural Candle to set the mood and some C Infused Body Cream to smooth the skin and lock in moisture. Think your bath lover will enjoy each of these products? Put them together for the ultimate Mee Time Bundle!

Bee-utiful Skin for any Makeup-Lover

Have a friend that loves makeup, but have no idea where to start? There are countless makeup products and tools out there, but the best gift starts with the skin. Our Makeup Remover loaded with natural oils takes away the day and provides a clean, fresh base for whatever the next morning may bring. A Detoxifying Mask is another way to minimize pores and tighten the skin, creating the perfect canvas for any makeup look.

Nourishing Products for Even the Most Sensitive Skin

So you know someone on your list that may be prone to breakouts, but unfortunately, a lot of skincare products include harsh ingredients that irritate the skin. Fortunately, our C Infused Facial Moisturizer features jojoba seed oil that is rich in iodine to help fight harmful bacterias that lead to breakouts. Another must is the Bloom Facial Oil filled with anti-aging properties that leave your face feeling soft and rejuvenated and also enriches skin with all-natural oils that won’t irritate or dry out the face.