Press Release: Bee&You Becomes Generation Bee

Press Release: Bee&You Becomes Generation Bee

For Immediate Release:

We are excited to announce that we have transitioned our name and branding as well as announce the launch of several new products. What began as Bee&You has now become Generation Bee.

Due to a trademark conflict our president and founder, Michael Nastepniak has decided to rebrand and pay homage to not only the generations of beekeepers who have worked hard to save the bees for us but also as a reminder to future generations of their responsibility to steward these amazing creatures.

We remain passionate and dedicated to responsibly made all-natural products that you can feel great about using while also being luxurious and beautiful.

Generation Bee is also excited to announce the release of several new products. Our incredible hand cream now comes in both rose and orange citrus featuring MIchael's beeswax, organic essential oils, and as always all-natural ingredients.

We are also excited to announce a completely new addition to the Generation Bee family. Our all-new eye cream features natural ingredients instead of the collagen and other synthetic additives most comparable products feature. The active ingredients in our Generation Bee eye cream have been proven to firm skin, remove the dark circles under your eyes and reverse the appearance of aging.

For more information about Generation Bee, our passion for beekeeping, and our amazing products please visit us online at